Tibetan Starcoded Incense


【Mu Tibetan Incense】

One of the purification and cleansing tools tailored by the Lemuria Light to space, Aura and negative energy purification. Its contain pure natural herbs, oils and other ingredients. Each Tibetan incense is by handmade, and all its raw materials are also hand-grinded. In addition, each incense will be anchored by special interstellar energy, and its main function is to strengthen the effect of Tibetan incense and strengthen the effect of dispelling negative energy

*Each incense can burn for about 20 minutes.



  • Effectively dispel negative energy
  • Exclusive interstellar energy anchoring
  • Effectively dispel negative entities
  • Feng Shui / Magnetic Field Adjustment
  • Grounding and energy guarding

InstructionsAura Cleansing

1) Ignite the Mu Tibetan incense.

2) Bring the Tibetan incense close to the body (about 3-5cm distance).

3) Starting from the top of the head to the feet, move back and forth to allow the smoke of Tibetan incense to take away the negative energy in the aura. (Do at least three times on the front and back of the body)

4) After cleansing, you can choose to extinguish the Tibetan incense or place it in an incense burner to keep it burning.

*According to our actual measurement, people with heavier/heavier negative energy on their bodies will find that the Mu Tibetan incense smell unpleasant, but after using it for a period of time to clean up, there is no more rejection.


Home environment energy cleansing and protection

1) Ignite the MuTibetan incense.

2) Put Mu Tibetan incense in the incense holder or place it horizontally in the incense burner.

3) Put the incense burner in a ventilated place, so that the smoke of incense can spread to all parts of the room.

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