【60 mins Zoom Aura & Chakra Reading】Aura reading can tell you exactly what vibes you’re giving off!


You probably heard of auras, you might even know there are actual people out there who can read your aura, but do you know how it all works? It is associated with our energy where can create or reshape our reality. Many of us might not working on the energy can actually master our life! It is much easier to uplift the effectiveness and quality of live by focusing on the energy plane than the physical plane.

Each aura color is associated with a different type of energy. It reflects emotions, thoughts, personalities and much more. Most people’s aura is mostly one color, some have a mix of colors — and, rarely, even a rainbow. If your aura is a blend of colors, think of it as a blend of personality traits.

It can actually be *seen* by certain people, it can be *felt* by everyone. Auras can be contagious, which is why you start to feel extra happy if you’re around someone who’s a positive, optimistic person and why you feel super freaking drained when you’re around someone who’s a total bummer.

We are able to read the personality or characteristic of a person by scanning the tone or colors of one’s aura, including their state of mind and their current condition. Most people have one predominant aura color. Your aura can change, though, depending on your state of mind, your aura will likely reflect that. And other things like physical and emotional trauma or illnesses can also change your aura.


Why do I need to do aura scanning/reading?

There may be a negative energy you’re giving off that you weren’t even aware of—or you could be allowing others’ energies to affect you more than you even realize. By reading we will point out and highlight to you and assist on resolve the obstacle or your dull/stagnant live.


What is aura?

The aura is an electromagnetic energy field that surrounds the body. It is an electromagnetic spectrum or energy field that surrounds all living things not only exist on human. It is not just a halo around you but also an extension of your being - it is your mind. The different layers in the aura are combined with the chakras and the state of our consciousness.

Each aura is built up out of seven layers which are connected to different aspects of your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health. On the right is the mental side and is connected to your rational power. Left is the side of feeling and is connected to your feelings and emotions.


What are the effects of a weak or strong aura?

There’s good and bad of everything. Each aura color by itself is generally positive, but the different shades of a color can indicate a negative energy which in darker shade or dull, while positive aura will be bright in colors. Men in power or successful people commonly have bigger aura.

A ‘bad’ aura can also be sensed when someone is simply just having a hard time, e.g., they just got in a fight with someone or they’re currently being forced to be around people they don’t like. Once you take some time to calm down and find balance, your aura will likely go back to normal.

The goodness of aura reading is to know the root causes constitute your aura or what hinder you from your power. We will advise how can you deal with it to expand your ability and reveal your true self.

A balance and harmony aura can improve the interaction with others and be in harmony always. Besides, a good aura will be easier to achieve our goal.


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    Portrait requirement for best reading result:

    • Half body up to thigh or full portrait, stand alone
    • Clear, bright, and sharp without app modified or beautified
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