公开线上气场解读服务 Live Aura and Chakra Reading Services


💡This is an open aura and chakra reading, estimated over hundreds of audiences will view this virtual event on FB livestream. 

Why you need to grab this opportunity?

Aura will determine 

1️⃣ Manner on how we interact with others either in harmonize, compatible or in hostile way. 

2️⃣ Balancing the aura will help you to realize all the goals /aims in your daily life. 

Most importantly, 

🧘🏻‍♂️The core essence of aura and chakra reading is to enable you to comprehend what is happenings in your surroundings. Aura will affect your perceptions, propensity of behaviours and actions. All these factors will determine how great is your capacity in mentality and hidden talents. 

Aura is an energy. This is an electromagnetic energy field that surrounds our body. 

Energy is power of creation and can change our physical properties of matter in our surroundings.

Most people do not aware or understand about aura and energy and thus have no idea on how to utilise this power to fully take charge their daily life, i.e. great energy will help to increase productivity and living standards in our daily life. 

🎈What is an aura? 

Every living being will emanate invisible electromagnetic energy field. The colour of electromagnetic energy field is determined by the condition of our emotions and thoughts. 

🎈How do strong and weak aura affects us? 

Individual with weak aura are vulnerable to sickness, affects by negative surroundings easily, poor health and lack of energy/stamina, poor performance on tasks execution. Chief proprietor/leader usually have strong aura, this enables them to maintain inner stability and strength when dealing with different situations or circumstances in their daily life. 



1. Duration of aura reading depends on the real time situation of livestream (at least 5 mins). Registrants of aura reading required to present in zoom live at pre-arranged time as informed by personnel beforehand. 

2. Whole event will be broadcast as live.

3. Aura colours will be draw on the spot during the live stream

Kindly prepare a piece of full-length body (for aura colour depiction purpose) photo after submission of the payment, proceed with registration here. Our staff will contact you once received your registration form, zoom link for aura and chakra reading will be send out at the same time. 

Best criteria of aura photo

- Clear, not blurred

- Sufficient lighting 

- Personal photo (full-length body) 

- Simple or clear background 

Our life will be control over by our surroundings if we do not perceive energy that surrounds us

If you want to change your life

We invite you to learn together 

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* 这是一场公开脉轮及气场解读,将会有数百人观看整个解读的过程哦!











1. 解读时间长度视直播实际情况而定(最少5分钟),请报名者务必根据工作人员指定的时间在线。

2. 本次气场解读将全场直播。




1. 清晰,不模糊
2. 光线充足
3. 个人照片(全身)
4. 照片背景单调

🌷如果你不清楚自己的能量 ,那麼人生只会被周遭发生的一切所左右!


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