Tachyonize Almandine


Tachyonize Almandine is a type of grounding Crystal that connect your phsyical body to mother earth. Thus, strengthened the lower three chakra whilst balancing it can be the apparent result. They have internal crystal lattices of perfect cubic symmetry and internal harmony. Their internal structure of blocks builds up perfect crystal lattices that can help us focus our efforts to build on our physical health, strength, and grounding.

This class of minerals forms very compact materials that are strong, resistant, and unyielding. Its physicality gives charateristic to the energy that embedded inside. Grounding crystals will provide you with the energy to resist temptations and resist distractions from your goals.

With its dark scarlet color, Almandine combines the energy of the pure red ray and the exuberance and joy of the orange in a precious gift of nature. Scarlet is the color of strength and vitality, both physical and spiritual. It give body steady vitality and power to operate. Tachyon Almandine also strengthen the kundalini energy within one person.

Carrying a Tachyon Almandine can increase your life force energy flow in you.

Legend: Some say it connect to the Central Earth and the earth dragons.

Recommend for: Fatigue, Indecisive, Lack of Assertive attitude, Dizziness, lack of focus, lack of motivation, laziness, habitual sleepiness, floatiness cause by high frequency from meditation or healing device, hallucination, handicap.