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The element activator is a multifunctional activation tool that combines magnetic field, color light spectrum, sacred geometry and crystal.

It can activate our chakras and aura, balance our body and energy field.




► Stimulates the capillary effect and fluidity of liquid media in the impact zone, performs magnetic structuring and magnetic polarisation of biochemical processes within the biological structure.

► Clearing the blockage in physical, astral, and mental levels, the negative vibration and memories in the water.

171 kHz

► Inhibits the function of viruses and bacteria in the skin.

► Healing frequencies that stimulate the healing responses in the body with the property of deep penetration into high-density parts in the body


► Stabilizing the person’s aura or energy field and acts as a shielding or coat effect.


Usage & Function

  • You can directly use the element activator to irradiate the skin, body, reflection areas, painful areas, chakras, etc. (avoid direct eyes), or use it after apply plant-based skin care products.
  • Use it to activate liquids, such as water, daily drinks, creams, oils, etc.; you can directly place the liquid container (transparent glass or crystal material is better) on the activator, and the length of the irradiation time depends on the amount of liquid Determined by the material of the container
  • You can put crystal ore on the element activator, and use light to radiate the energy of the crystal to the entire space.

 How does element activator work on water??

► Activating drinking water and transmitting powerful energy vibrations from the natural forces and spiritual realms of the universe on Earth to enable everyone to obtain high-quality energies.

►The impact of spiritual forces, colours, and wavelengths on the water will generate energy activation.

►It activates oxygen atoms and participates in the structuring of water clusters.

►Activates the molecular bonds of organic compounds and stimulates the construction of bulk macromolecules of aqueous solutions of plant products; participates in the structuring of water clusters.

►After the activation process, the activated water stays fresh for a long time. It is necessary to leave the glass of water on the activator for a longer time to ensure maximum productivity and ability.



Benefit of water activation

► Stimulation of the skin for cosmetic and aesthetic purposes.

► Stimulation of reflex zones of the skin in order to improve the quality of life and active longevity in the form of an independent procedure.

►Activation of liquid media (beverages, liquid food, creams, oils, etc.).

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