1/10 Oz Silver Piece


Price: RM111.10 (please use RM15 discount code below)

Date of Delivery (December Batch): You will get the silver pieces before the beginning of Jan 2020

Transits of Mercury across the Sun are very rare and the next one will happen in 2032. The transit of November 11th, 2019 will be the most precise alignment of Mercury and Sun in the 21st century, as Mercury will be only 76 arcseconds from the geometrical center of the Sun at the peak of the transit as seen from Earth.
Astrologically, transits of Mercury across the Sun are the best possible moments for everything related to finances. Although we have missed the critical mass, you still be able to 
  • 999 Fine Silver
  • 5mm x 5mm x1.2mm
  • 3.11g/ 1/10 Ounce

1️⃣Silver piece for many uses. Source from the Pheonix team.
2️⃣You will receive your coin somewhere in the mid of Dec 2019.
3️⃣The discount code: FreeHumanFromFinancialSlavery

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