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Biophoton Pen generate healthy bio-quantum fields carrying precise informational resonances, interacting through the human energetic meridian points and aura fields, resulting in harmonious mental, emotional & psycho-spiritual states. Under this harmonic field the cell distinguish clearly between toxin and nutrition.

Light acupuncture is when light healing frequencies interact with body meridian points and aura fields, and that triggers the quick recovery of our energy body.

Lemuria’s Biophoton Light Acupuncture (BA) pen serves 3 main functions :

  • Biophotons identify the cause(‘disturbance’) in the body’s meridian system. 
  • Biophotons from the BA pen then neutralizes the incoherent lights (disturbance) thus correct the faulty information, andtreating the disturbance. 
  • Energy body regains balance and full flow. The naturalself-healing mechanism of the physical body is enabled.  

Specifications :   ( Same as ‘What is included’ ?)

•  650nm wavelength

•   Cold Laser

•   Battery Last More than 24hours when it is charged

•   Suitable age 6 and above, and family general use.

Physical Function when your energy body recovers (Known Science): - Help to activate meridians to activate healing chain reaction in nerves, cells, and organs.

The diagram of BAPen is included with the product.

This product has no adjustable intensity controls. The intensity is under FDA approval.

Recommended use is 15 minutes a day.

    Function: help activate meridian to activate healing chain reaction. 

    The diagram is included in the product. This product has no adjustable intensity controls power. The intensity is under FDA approval. 15 minutes a day is recommended.

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