【Natural Product from Siberia】MEGRE Essential Oil God's Particle Full Spectrum of Original Energy 10ml(内涵宇宙粒子(苍穹)


What is TGP Technology?

The god particles (TGP) in the highest spectrum of radiant cosmic energy is called the god particles. Are now made public. Its frequency activates your deepest and highest memories of your Godness, tunes the brain frequency to alpha, and enhances all energy in the product.

To harness The God Particles, you either have to achieve samadhi, the deepest form of meditation, or you have to use a certain advanced scalar to achieve it. We simply have it in the Galactic Light store.

The best advantage of this TGP technology is the energy of the product. Food has significantly longer perseverance time when it is infused with TGP. The cloth not only feels better but also obtains certain obvious special qualities depending on the stellar energy imbued.

Because the frequency emits is much faster than the speed of light, the particles are omnipresent, translucent rainbowish color in the vision of most clairvoyance. Because this band of frequency often happened in deep meditation, it creates and fulfills dreams by sending positive wishes that vibrate in special ways into the universe.

MEGRE Siberian Cedar Essential Oils - 100% natural essential oils extracted cleanly using the old methods of distillation of needles, resin, and Siberian pine cones with water vapor. It has a strong antiviral effect, is a source of natural pro-vitamins and volatile production. Ideally suited for inhalation, massage, flavoring, premises, and also for use in baths or saunas.

Massage with MEGRE to relieve fatigue, improve peripheral circulation, improve lymphatic drainage, relieve venous congestion of limbs, and improve skin elasticity.The use of oil in the bath or a sauna by rubbing into the skin promotes skin rejuvenation and wound healing.

MEGRE Essential oilstrengthens the processes of renewal and restoration of energy, helps restore power after illness and strenuous exercise. With constant use of these oils, it increases the body's defenses, strengthens the nervous, immune and cardiovascular systems. In general, there is a feeling of a better and healthy body.

MEGRE essential oil is recommended as a restorative bath and spa. It is calming, relieves fatigue and nervous tension. These baths are helpful for people suffering from rheumatism and gout. Oxidized by atmospheric oxygen, essential oils emits ozone - triatomic oxygen. Ozone heals the whole person. Pine forests differ from other forests of extraordinary purity and salubrious air. In Tuberculosis and other chronic lung diseases, air or oxygen is recommended as the primary remedy.

Composition of the oil complex is diverse. The oil contains bornilatsetat, myrcene, limonene, camphor, pinene.

Size: 10 ml. Shelf life: 24 months.

Recommended usage time is 2 years from the date of production.

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