Powerful Star Coded Crystal (1pc)


Tachyon Starcoded Crystal is made by Goshenite Beryl mineral family with extremely high vibration. Tachyon Starcoded Crystal accelerates our Ascension process and puts us into contact with Ascended beings. All Tachyon Starcoded Crystal have been subjected to 12 hour long tachionization process, transforming them into living portals into higher dimensions of consciousness.Tachyon Starcoded Crystal are available in one size (15-30 mm)

Auric Light: White, Full Spectrum
Chakra: All, Soul Star, Stellar Soul Star.
Power Level: Very High Frequency.
Connection: Ascended Master Realm and Beyond
Alignment: I Am Presence, Buddhic Plane and beyond
Consciousness: Non-Frequency Oneness
Energetic properties: Stillness, The all Powerful, Shiva, Non Attachment, 

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Highly recommend to all situation use and people

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Free Shipping?
No. We are not mass manufacturing and producing the product. The product is on minimal profit already.

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We do not accept return for all crystals product for integrity purposes and crystals sensitivity.

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