Remote Healing Service


Remote healing for a panic attacks, chakra blockage removal, energy body recovery, etheric surgery is made available to everyone. Lemuria Light utilized quantum (scalar) technology that is able to transmit healing energy to the participant to get significant results.

The major benefit is listed below:
➜ Uplift and empower the individual for daily routine
➜ Boost of body stamina and life force energy
➜ Regain mental clarity
➜ Better sleep and relaxation
➜ Clear chakra blockage
➜ Increase the creativity and psychic capability

Experience to believe.

Lemuria Light is facilitating effective and clean chakra healing available to the public,  manifest instant result on our wellbeing. Most feel uplifted after the session.

3 step to Sign Up:
1. Make payment
2. Fill up forms at Lemuria Light [Chinese] / Email your photo with your payment receipt to
3. We will prompt you a short email on when we schedule your healing session.

Bonus healing will be sent base on our guidance to secure the best timeline of an individual.


Refund Policy:
After the healing, if you deemed the healing has no use. You can ask for a full refund within 1 week of the finished date. However, our healing service towards you will be barred to prevent misuse of our remote healing service.
Quantum Technology Made Affordable