Saint Germain Statue Self Painting 3D Printing (Premiere Launching)


Self Painting Statute of 40cm Height

Handmade 3D printing of 40cm height Saint Germain, include acrylic color and brushes.

There is a hundred way you can paint it. Paint it with respect, and keep a connection to heart to make sure the powerful violet flame anchor into every fiber of the statue.

  • BRING PROSPERITY AND SERENITY INTO YOUR HOME : This sitting St.Germain statue will bring a PROSPERITY and the I AM presence into your home. By its customize design, this St.Germain statue gives a powerful presence of Ascended Master and calming atmosphere to any indoor place such as living room, home entrance and even work office.
  • A DECORATIVE 3D STATUE: This wise Ascended Master is fully customizable to your taste. Moreover, with a size of 14.5cm width and 40cm height, this Ascended Master Statue will fit anywhere: on a shelf in your living room, in your entry hall and even on your working desk.
  • DETAIL PRINTING : Made with 3D printing, glued by hand this St. Germain statue is truly impressive by its beauty and detail. A board of Masters properly guided how the statue was made to every fine inch and perspective.
  • PERFECT GIFT FOR YOUR SOULMATES : Because the understanding of St. Germain offers a key to ascension, it should be a wonderful and memorable experience while painting it up to perfection.
  • WE WANT YOUR FULL SATISFACTION : We cut no corner in our product and will cut no corners in our support of you! You are making a very intelligent decision for doing business with our company. We'll only provide you with the finest product and service around or your MONEY BACK! Order now. 
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