Stellar Ray Remote Blessing 星际之光远距离祝福


Distance Blessing (also known as remote or absent healing), is a form of healing which is transferred via Universal energy (which we are all connected to) to the client in their absence. Lemurian Team facilitates this through our healing guides, and channels the energy healing to her clients.

Stellar Ray Remote Blessing is powerful, dynamic and transformative as all healers been through initiation, and reach our level today…

Receive a distant Stellar Ray shower for 1 weeks. The cosmic intelligence stellar lightwave will go to where imbalances are present in the body and where it is needed the most.

We will place your name, better, a picture, on our distant Tachyonize Crystal grid and board. We project the energy ray using technology and crystals 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A few quantum energy transmission is included:

a.) Professional energy healers will help transmit the energy to change the quantum flow of a person.
b.) Your picture will be given a specific crystal to transmit the energy.
c.) Biophoton Pen, Astral Star, Tachyon Technology to transmit the healing coherence light and bio-signal to you.

Please be noted that this is NOT full personal aura healing customize for you, not including energy scanning, coaching, heavy energy blockage removal, entities removal or deep energy cleansing. We will channel the energy as we put your pictures in this Crystal Grid Board.

Here is what does it do:

-Remote Blessing will help you relax
-Remote Blessing helps to bring clarity
-Remote Blessing energizes you
-Remote Blessing calms you
-Remote Blessing prevents sudden energy intrusion (it does not affect the current attachment.)
-Remote Blessing relieves pain
-Remote Blessing accelerates natural healing
-Remote Blessing boost attraction to good deeds.
-Remote Blessing develops a conscience and brings clearer guidance for long term wellness.
-Remote Blessing releases emotional baggage
-Remote Blessing increases the vibrational frequency of the body
-Remote Blessing helps change negative conditioning & behaviors
-Remote Blessing helps with better sleep
-Remote Blessing speeds recovery
-Remote Blessing inspires creativity
-Remote Blessing helps with weight loss

There are a few packages listed below, DOES NOT affect the efficiency. You buy the bigger package to support us. It will not alter our healer's dedication. Recommend Package is RM77, and a community support package is for RM55 (it's available for those who have financial difficulty).

**Stellar Ray Remote Blessing does not guarantee to meet your expectations. We do not return funds for this service once paid. The only fund return condition is that we have run out of space for the remote healing crystal grid board.

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