Tachyon Lapis Lazuli


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1 Piece of Tachyon Lapis Lazuli

Tachyonize Lapis Lazuli after tachyonization can protect and nourish our third eye and pineal gland from various EMF and negative foreign influence. 
In ancient Egypt, the priest will wear the Lapis that symbolise wisdom and status. 



In India and Tibet, lapis often used as a medical material is the symbol of Shiva and pharmacist Buddha.

Legend: Lapis help you connect to Sambala civilisation. Land of Spiritual Dragon. Lapis can help you to promote spirituality, creativity, calm mood and protect you from the evil .

Recommend for: Lack of focus, lack of mental clarity

  • Need to maintain the focus of spirit, enhance the rational energy, logical thinking and strengthen the speed of thinking
  • Want to find their own direction and mission of life
  • Face decision in working or in relationships
  • Need to make decisions usually, need lots of creative in working

Where It’s Sourced ?

Lapis lazuli is found in limestone in the Kokcha River valley of Badakhshan province in northeastern Afghanistan

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