Tachyon Water 100ml (with Ormus Mineral)


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Tachyon water is treated with a special tachionization process that does not alter its chemical composition, but with the insertion of tachyons, it causes its modification on the subatomic level. Such water has enormous vital potential. It enables entrance of tachyons into our physical body and thus accelerates detoxification processes, strengthens the immune system and increases the capacity of bioenergy level. Tachyon water should not be used concentrated. Rather dilute 5-10 drops of tachyon water in a glass of ordinary water and consume daily. Store in a cool place.

Tachyon emission is powerful enough that if placing it near you, you will get a certain amount of tachyon to balance your energy field. When it's consumed, it will raised the frequency of the biophoton inside the cell. It will result in detoxing

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