Tachyonized Saint Germain 1 oz Silver Coin (Pre Order)


Noted: This is a tachyon product

The preorder of the Tachyon St. Germain 1 oz Coin, starts 11 Nov.

Tachyon Saint Germain Silver coin is a collection that has been designed to bring prosperity consciousness to humanity. After silver gets Tachyonize, it becomes a high-performance etheric energy conductor. It connects to the goddess archetype energy, and quality engraving of Saint Germain remind us of the project of the ancient: New Atlantis, A Work Unfinished

In the past, many powerful artifacts that were connected to the divine feminine, goddess, were created in silver. Silver can anchor powerful goddess energy from a higher dimension. There was the reason why the Qing Dynasty was one of the high cultures in china's history because the currency was based on silver.

This is a genuine piece of energy-charged Tachyon silver. 

Date of delivery for December order:
December 2019

Discount Code: FreeHumanFromFinancialSlavery
Weight: 32gram



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