UVC Cleansing Light 1pc


1.UV Plasma LIGHT MATERIAL - UV cleansing spotlight blacklight flashlights led is made aluminum alloy and Professional Grade Plasma Tube, discover why the professionals prefer Dlossday.

2.TESTING the FLUORESCENT SUBSTANCES of BABY SUPPLIES - With it you can find Fluorescent Whitening Agent contained in Baby clothes or your cosmetics, ensuring safe from Fluorescent Agent. Towards the items that Contain no Fluorescent Whitening Agent, the blacklight will show purple light, if yes, then it will show fluorescence color.

3.The uv led flashlights are engineered lights. That can suppress negative entity influences. 

4.MULTI-FUNCTIONAL&PRACTICAL: Perfect detector for cat urine, cleaning kitchen cabinets, stove, bathroom rugs wood surface, furniture, linoleum, foods stains on floor, table or just about any fabric. It is helpful tool of vegetable worms, minerals, curtains, currency authenticate, detect jewelry, ID card, collection, geocaching, hospitality, manufacturing, oil, gas, automotive, aviation, pest control, NDT applications, government, law enforcement, postal inspections, medical forensics, HVAC repair

Why you need the UV Cleansing Light?
You believe you have encounter negative entities and want to have basic protection? Have to clean the entire carpet because of the hidden pet urine? Can’t locate the spot even you pick up familiar pet stain smell? Scorpions begin to have a party in your backyard? There are caterpillars eating your tomato plants? That is what you need the UV flashlight!

Type: Voltage Regulator

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