White Sage California Smudge For Indoor Purification

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Pure 100% Native American reservation grown organic white sage bundles sold individually. These are a nice smaller size measuring approx 4-5”. Every bundle/wand is hand-tied and dried. Wrapped in 100% cotton strong (color may vary).

The traditional way of the Sioux is to fist always ask the plant for permission before cutting and then to leave a small gift like tobacco or a piece of hair in place of what was taken. Each one of these bundles was individually handmade with respect and prayer. May these smudge sticks bring blessings upon you!

Sage is used for smudging to clear negative energies and cleanse the air in your home. Simply light the end of the wand with a flame, blow out the flame, and let the bundle smolder encouraging the smoke to circulate throughout your home.
Please use caution and common sense and keep away from flammable and do not leave unattended.

+ The perfect gift for yourself or someone you deeply love.

Smudging is a ceremony practiced by some Native American Tribe, that involves the burning of white sage and other sacred herbs, in some cases for spiritual cleansing or blessing.

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