February 11, 2019

Before reading this post, please get some [basic understanding about aura]. 

During our healing session, we've been asked many time about this question. This question has intrigued many people, including the materialistic skeptics, probably because deep down, at the most elemental level of our core self, everyone can sense and comprehend the importance of retaining and sustaining the wellbeing of their energy fields.

What are these holes in the aura?

The etheric body acts as a bridge between the dense physical body and the astral (or emotional) body; hence, the state of the etheric body (and its aura) influences the physical and psychological states of the person. For example, if the etheric body is grossly contaminated, the person will feel unwell and mentally unclear.

The converse is also true: every thought, emotion, word, and action instantly influence the state of the person’s etheric body (its subtle organs, chakras and meridians).

Ideally, the etheric body is clean and resonating at a high vibration so as to allow a free flow of life energy through it; the aura should be smooth, whole and strong. However, such an occurrence is quite rare – the aura of ordinary city people is far from being clean and smooth.

It’s a common occurrence that the aura of an ordinary person is uneven, has depleted or congested areas, cracks or holes, and energy cords attached to it.

For example, prolonged exposure to radiation of a computer monitor can breach the aura at the head, chest and the solar plexus level, i.e. at the level of its position in relation to the human body.

Breaks in the aura can be of different sizes – from pinholes to big gaping 'wounds'. Such injuries expose and make vulnerable the inner fields of the person.

Below are a few common causes of thinning, cracks or holes in the aura:

  • strong imbalance emotions (anger, fear, etc.);
  • a psychological trauma;
  • alcohol and drugs;
  • Taking too much chemical
  • anesthesia;
  • some pharmacological agents;
  • so-called "soul fragments" missing;
  • a blow to the physical body;
  • environmental toxins;
  • electromagnetic fields;
  • an unintentional psychic attack from people (negative thoughts, criticism, household curses, negative emotion influence);
  • intentional (or black magic) attacks;
  • channeling;
  • others.

What is the danger of having the holes in the aura?

When the integrity of the aura is compromised, the person will experience draining of energy. This can manifest as a sudden energy loss, a sharp change of mood, headache (often migraine), acute pain, nausea, sudden illness (e.g., infection), etc.

The aura will normally recover its integrity in several days through a natural process of self-healing. During this period, the person may feel unwell and they may intuitively seek alternate sources of replenishment of vital energy. Since most of the people do not know how to replenish their reserves of vitality through natural means (that is by absorbing prana from the environment), they replace the energy by ‘eating something’ or by vampiring energy from other people.

The thinning of the aura also causes repeated physical injuries in corresponding parts of the physical body.

Unhealed holes in the aura can have a long-term impact on a person's physical health and have serious consequences. My study of fatigue has to lead me to believe that the underlying cause is likely to be long-lasting holes in the aura.

Moreover, the presence of holes in the aura greatly increases the risk of attachment of negative entities.

An attached entity not only steals a person's energy but it introduces its own negative markers(imprints) into the person's energy field. Such markers will have a strong psychological effect on the person, typically through the use of such emotions as fear, depression.

Since most people do not question the source of negative thoughts and emotions that appear inside their heads and automatically accept them as ‘mine’, they eventually succumb to the control of an entity who uses this acceptance to embed itself more strongly into deeper levels of the host's energy body.

Negative entities may also contribute to the development of a disease.

For positive long-term results, it is important to remove negative energies and negative entities from the human energy field before we repair the holes in the aura.

How to repair the holes in the aura?

Here are some methods:

Salt water bath and rhythmic breathing

To cleanse the aura, take a salt water bath. Water temperature should be around 40 degrees C. A bucket of water with a handful of salt would be enough.

While bathing, invoke:

"In the name of the Creator, I command: let all the negative and unwanted energy of other people and beings will be washed away from my aura completely and perfectly, redirected into the ground and disposed of properly. So be it! "

After the bath invokes:

"Creator, thank you for cleansing my energy field, thank you for healing it, for balancing and filling it with energy, thank you for spiritually protecting it. So be it!"

After the bath, practice 10-12 cycles of rhythmic breathing to recharge your body’s ‘batteries’. 

In your energy work always remember the principles of bio-energy healing, these are cleansing, healing, energising, balancing, and protecting the treated area.Bthe session, invoke to the Creative Order for blessing, guidance, assistance and protection; at the end of the session do not forget to give your thanks.

Cleansing and charging through the elements

Swim in the sea, shower in a clean river, stand in the sun or let fresh breeze cleanse you from all the sides. Imagine and feel that natural forces are cleansing you from negative energy and carrying it to the right place for disposal.


Visualize light pillar coming from the galaxy central, through your body, to the central earth. And from the central up, goes back up to the galaxy central. Visualize this light passing through your body, simultaneously upward and downward. Until you feel your body is glowing with light. Apply this light to the patient's aura.

How does this work? Through visual images, you give a command to your subconscious mind, a powerful healer, what should be done.

The effectiveness of these procedures depends on the power of your imagination, your belief in their efficacy and some degree of skill that comes with practice.

How else can we clean and repair your aura?

Using advanced technology, such as frequency device, to repair your aura is much . Tachyon Crystaland Light Acupuncture is by far the most effective tool to clear your aura. There are more tool such as the Russian AP-20, Light Mandala, Pleiades Healing Technology, RIFE machine are also effective in aura healing when use it right.

After working 30 years in this profession, we believe it's essential for everyone to understand our subtle energy body and Aura. It is more than just an effective way to detect disease, but also cost-effective and be able to work together with the mainstream to stop the disease epidemic where people couldn't find a permanent solution to total wellness. The ability to work into the subtle energy in our body, and meridian, bring us the solution in curing the sickness from its root - The compromise aura or energy body.

To maintain total wellness, we suggest everyone periodically cleanse of your aura. Just as you care about the cleanliness of your physical body and clothing, it is very useful to pay attention to your subtle field, because, as mentioned earlier, the condition of your aura directly affects the health of your physical body and your psychological state.

There are a few healing modalities that align with the full understanding of achieving total wellness on body, mind, and soul.

It is also important to understand that the subtle body cannot be healed by physical means. For the treatment of subtle bodies, we need the biophoton device (which all of us have) and the life energy that is present in abundance in the environment. And, of course, we need basic knowledge and understanding of the subtle world – a world that is invisible but affects us every second.


Help spread this post if you find it useful. Inspire others every day to become a better healer of our own community. One Love.