Impulsive, Dominating, Materialistic, Energetic, Athletic


Fun-Loving, Creative Expression, Flexible, Follower, Easy Going


High Self-Esteem, Intellegent, Confident or Bright


Friendly, Intuitive-Thinker, Smooth, Soothing


Deep, Perseverance, Intellectual, Peace-Lover, Reliable

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Lemuria Light Aura Reading, measures the aura using Aura Camera, together with a clairvoyance practitioner.  This allowing us to see changes in your mental, emotional and psycho-spiritual state.

Aura is like the ‘human atmosphere’ and the system uses a biosensor to measure the biofeedback data from your photo. This biofeedback data is analyzed, processed and interpreted, providing an individual computer generated aura or chakra image. In conclusion, we can work out a very detail record for professional use.

The human aura is made up of our bodies emanations, neural thought patterns, and spiritual energies of the ambient air. Looking into these energy aspect in life will help you gain insight in understanding what diet, lifestyle and decision we can change to improve our life. 

Colour of Aura

Each colour band depicts different vibrational frequency of that person. For example-Violet colour would show immense progress in the spiritual field, intuitive abilities and connection with the divine, whereas, Red would show more interest in power, money, physical well-being etc. Auric field of a person substantially remains the same over a period of time. As the aura is in constant motion, subtle changes in saturation, hue and volume can be noticed in the most stable auras as well. 

Aura photography can provide valuable information about a person which is personal and individualistic. The AURIC field and energy emitted by each person is captured LIVE !

Get your aura imaging done to know where you stand today and what lies ahead. A complete Aura Test report would reveal -

  • Individual behavioural pattern

  • Basic personality traits Success factor related to Power & Money 

  • Degree of Spiritual Upliftment Presence of God powers within you Development of Clairvoyance & Intuitive abilities 

  • Insight into your near future Causual and Emotional blockages affecting your present life. Bridging the understanding within yourself will eventually result in a more happier life.

What you need to do is only sending us your photo. The technology we own will able to visualize your aura, and it will be further enhance by the seer. Purchase and experience the essential Aura Reading online.

Aura Reading

Cutting Edge Technology of Lemuria Light Aura Reading. We provide the most accurate reading. Giving you an useful insight of Life. We assist you to plan your future.

Achieving life optimization is simple once you get your Aura draft in graph.

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See What People Has To Say About Our Reading

  • Accurate

    With thousand over people has testified our reading accuracy. With the combination of the technology we invented made Lemuria Light cutting edge in Aura Reading Industry.

  • Insightful

    As the matter of fact, the clairvoyant healers of Lemuria Light are able to diagnose the deepest mental lock within you.

  • Solution Focus

    We would like to draw a line between us and the mundane fortunetelling. We seek to help everyone to unlock their potential to embark upon an amazing journey of self-actualization.

  • Result Base Healing

    Check out our healing cases. Solid and tangible healing has result in the fruition of Malaysia Multicultural Community.

Dark red: Anger

Clear red: Energetic, competitive, sexual, passionate

Orange: Vitality, vigor, creative, stamina, courageous

Orange-yellow: Scientific, detail oriented, perfectionist

Yellow: Creative, playful, identity, awareness, power, knowledge, curiosity

Yellow-green: Passionate, communicative

Green: Nature, growth, balance, love

Dark green: Jealousy, low self-esteem, resentment

Blue: Cool, calm, sensitive, expression

Dark blue: Fear of self-expression

Indigo: Intuitive, visionary, clear minded

Violet: Visionary, divine wisdom, enlightenment

Silver: Abundance, nurturing

Bright pink: Sensitive, artistic, affection, compassion, purity

Dark pink: Immature, dishonest

Gold: Enlightenment, wisdom, intuitive thinker

White: Purity, unity, transcendent