Tachyonized Plasma Ball


All of us played the plasma ball once in awhile in a life time. But what If I tell you it can be use for healing ?
After tachyonization, plasma ball emitting a special state of plasma, we called it - The Tachyon Plasma. This special state of plasma has a soothing feel and regulate cellular activities.
⚠ Warning: Normal plasma ball normally cause irritation, after prolonged contact with the body. So it's very easy to differentiate a real TPB from fake.
Applying Tachyon Plasma you could get benefits below:
👉 Clear thought
👉 More energy, higher metabolic rate
👉 Feeling more present
👉 Deeper sense of happiness
👉 Better Wellness
👉 Balance Hormone
👉 Bigger Aura, feeling energized

With the emergence of SERPs, and the Tachyonized Plasma Ball™, a safe-thermal plasma is provided, that bathes the entire body with these multiple forms of subtle energy. This plasma has emitting from Tachyonized device can charge your body with Tachyon plasma current and particles. Traditional plasma ball produce only a one dimensional plasma, whereas the Tachyonized Plasma Ball™ can produce full spectrum plasma that affect not only our physical but also emotional body.
Tachyonize plasma is very different than the normal plasma. When it passes through the body, it not only create a soothing feeling, but also assist the cellular activities in the body to be harmonized.

This is why these devices are referred to as Tachyon Plasama, because they provide the full spectrum of healthy frequencies.
Tachyon plasma is in between a particle or a current. When the body is charged with the Tachyon plasma, many sick syndrome will be transmuted.
Certain technology that can visualize the body aura, can testify the Tachyonized Plasma Ball healing effect!



Plasma ball that has been tachyonized will emit plasma energy which can nourish our plasma body. You can turn on the tachyonized plasma ball and use it on any part of your body. You will definitely feel your body relax to a great extent and the soreness will disappear.

To improve the quality of sleep, you can definitely use it together with the Lemuria Light Anti-EMF Earthing pad. In addition to eliminating the body's EMF, it replenishes the positive electromagnetic wave energy, so that the body can achieve extremely high relaxation. When the body is relaxed, our spirit can also enter a relaxed state more easily, thereby achieving the improvement of sleep quality.


The basic wound procedure is nothing more than cleaning up the wound before applying medicine. The same process applies to us to clean up electromagnetic waves. When we use a plasma rod to brush off harmful electromagnetic waves on our body, we can clearly feel the ease on our body like a heavy armor has been removed. The plasma wand is to clean up the negative electromagnetic wave energy from the body, and then through the tachyon plasma ball to give our body a layer of positive electromagnetic wave energy.

Persisting in cleaning up and replenishing positive energy every day can effectively reduce the body's muscle soreness, mental disorder or decreased resistance caused by electromagnetic waves.

Plasma ball *1, USB power cable*1

Delivery time estimate: 14 days