Enhanced Supplement

Lemuria Alchemy use light code to infuse healing frequency into supplement. The supplements we import are stored and imbue with high dosage of biophoton using cutting edge technology.
  • Energized vitamin is easier for the body to consume.
  • NuclearMagnetic Resonance, ”NMR” technology has documented this age-related reduction in hexagonally-structured water, showing that newborn babies have almost 100% Hexagonal Water in their bodies. By age 36, the average drops to only 56% and by the age of 58, Hexagonal Water in the body can be as low as 23%.
  • So, if as we age we could keep an increased percentage of hexagonal water in our body we should be able to help reduce the effect of aging on our body. This can lead to living a healthier, happier and overall longer life. Just by changing the water you drink.