Cintamani is a sacred stone found in a few locations that is guarded by shamans and great nature. Most of the power spot where the Cintamani surfaced is not disclosed.

On metaphysics knowledge, Cintamani helps ground mental energy into plasma layers. Magnify and manifest mental energy quickly into physical phenomena. The Argathan (Inner Earth Shambala Civilization) was used to hand it to certain people with certain influence, helping them manifesting positive realities into this world. Now, the cintamani stone is released to the surface population in the purpose of assisting the change.


Warning this is non-tachyonize Cintamani. It doesn't have all properties Tachyonize Cintamani has. Read what are the benefit Tachyon Particles brings to the body: [Here]

Cintamani is a sacred stone that it pulls the cosmic ray to the ground. It's good for burying behind your house to cleanse the city. It also concentrates this healing cosmic ray and repels darkness and bad energy.

Auric Light: Electric Blue
Chakra: All chakra
Power Level: Very powerful. Seasonal Frequency.
Connection: I am presence, your own higherselves, Sirius Star system. Central Sun.
Alignment: Light Forces
Consciousness: Collective Consciousness
Energetic properties: Repel Darkness. Very powerful protective energy. Returning to souls essence.

It can influence the plasma layers. 

Best Serve for People:
This meteorite is very suitable for spiritual people to advance not only in spirituality but also living quality. It helps you connect to your spirit, your higher self and I Am Presence. It will help people already doing their soul mission to manifest quickly what they need.

This is the best stone to bury at the environment you want to cleanse.

  • It will create a 10km radius of sacred energy vortex.

Warning: Very powerful when the cosmic ray/sunray hit the crystal. It will generate powerful energy that might cause 

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