The purple light energy meter directly heals the intractable diseases on the physical level, and directly interacts with the highest and lowest range of the aura spectrum.

There are two operating spectrum ranges: near-infrared light, which is lower than the visible red light, which is where the heat resides;

Violet light, the visible light with the highest vibration frequency, is the starting point of the main aura, used to coordinate and rebuild the balance of the material body.


The purple-red light energy meter is designed to allow the user's body to eliminate obstacles that hinder repair and healing, promote self-repair reactions, establish immune system balance, and harmony in the nervous and endocrine systems.

The design combines non-intrusive coherent low-pulse laser light (purple laser light, near infrared), photon scalar wave emitter. The laser light with the sacred geometry totem is adjusted to the interference pattern, and the specially designed natural crystal ball forms a photon resonance field to adjust the overall state of the body.

It can remove interference and purify the uncoordinated energy field, restore balance, improve overall health, and increase frequency. The purple light of the purple light energy meter has excellent cleaning and protection effects. The purple light energy meter is suitable for use in leisure and health studios, healthy rest places and personal meditation spaces. 


Near infrared: Invisible light, which is a kind of "heat source" signal. Send specific heat and temperature signals to the body to repair, adjust or supplement specific parts or organs. It can penetrate deeply into bones, joints, tendons, ligaments, and hard tissues, and stimulate the microcirculation of the human body and system.

Violet laser light: Violet light is the highest vibration frequency color light in the visible spectrum, which can enhance our material body and energy body. The high vibration frequency is used to counteract any negative vibration frequency or negative influence, and the positive healing message frequency is transmitted to the deepest level of consciousness. If used in combination with near-infrared rays, it can resonate the whole body's cells at full frequency and provide deeper healing for our energy and material bodies.

Photon Scalar Wave Generator-Energy Information Transmitter (EIT): Scalar waves can eliminate polarity, make all cells expand and absorb energy at the same time, achieve complete relaxation and balance, and restore the body to a healthy state. Scalar waves can perform multi-dimensional operations without time and space constraints to promote anti-aging and anti-aging. With the help of a scalar wave transmitter, it can immediately send healing and repair information to our physical and energy bodies, and form a protective barrier surrounding our energy light field. The frequency of photons emitted by EIT can be directly converted from three-dimensional to four-dimensional space-time, enabling the human body to absorb photons faster and more effectively, and to clean up and heal wounds more quickly.

Fractal light field: Fractal light field can carry accurate information resonance, through the interaction of the human body's meridians, acupuncture points and the human body's aura to achieve a harmonious state of mind, emotion and soul.

Photon resonance database: It contains a rich and extensive photon resonance database, which can promote protection, energy charging, happiness, elimination of negative influences, healing, DNA activation, balance emotions, increase mental clarity and coordination, and improve mood and overall energy Operation.