【Pre-order】Mandalas Resonator


The notion of electromagnetic smog, which has the additional load and a huge negative impact on the human body, causing a chronic stress, increasingly began to appear in the media:

  • TV radiation, radio and electrical communication.
  • Long-term work with the computer.
  • Power switch in our home.
  • Wi-Fi antenna & Mobile Phone antenna.

Natural Electromagnetic Fields is the way to solve the problem of electromagnetic overload. Mandalas Resonator generates a harmonizing field similar to the natural radiation of objects such as forests and natural environments. 

In numerous tests carried out in the varied electromagnetic environment using the Resonator" as a harmonizer of the electromagnetic background of any room (office, bedroom, kitchen, car, classroom, auditorium, etc.), an improvement of the human condition has been reliably established.

As a result of exposure of the device in the mode of the harmonizer of the room, after 1-4 days, a considerable improvement of the general state of the user of the device has been observed. The improvement of health, activity, overall health, resistance to infection, improve sleep has been stated.


  • The Pyramid's designers envisioned it as a potent tool for influencing a person's mental and physical well-being.
  • It appears to be unique antennae or systems that transport energy
    from one dimension to another.
  • It is important to emphasize that the human body's entire physical and energy structures follow the law of "The Golden Section."
  • The laws of geometry were thoroughly investigated, with a special focus on the triangle with sides in the ratio 3:4:5.

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