How it Works?

Our physical body is interconnected to an invisible ‘Energy body’ or Aura field, made of energy channels (‘Meridians’)  and energy centers (‘Chakras’ or ‘Acupoints’),  which control the well-being of the whole body. 

Each chakra vibrates at its own unique frequency and each corresponds to specific organs. The chakras (7 main ones) are wheels or vortexes of energy that act as gateways between the energy body and the physical body. Vital coherent energy flow from the energy body to the physical body, and the lower frequency energy flows back from the physical to the energy body for transmutation. 

A healthy body is a state when the meridian and chakra-system is well-balanced and in full flow. In this state, the physical body’s self-healing ability and immune system function optimally.  But when one or several chakras in the energy body become blocked or malfunction, or when there is ‘disturbance’ in the energy flow,  ailments occur.

In short, a balanced and full-flowing energy body is vital to our well-being.  Biophoton “light”  is a non-invasive therapy that gives effective results !

Biophoton “light” therapy incorporates 3 major technologies :

Picture proves the existence of the body meridian:
How energy travel in distinct pathways in the body.

Acupuncture Technology - Biophoton light therapy adopts Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) wisdom, in particular

  • the importance of maintaining balance and full-flow of the energy body to sustain total well-being,
  • the essential functions and locations of the meridians and chakras (or acupoints), and the specific organs each is associated with
  • TCM treats the underlying cause (the ‘disturbance’) in the energy body and not treat the symptoms of the ailment.   Traditional TCM acupuncture specialists identify the meridian points associated with the ailment, and using very fine long needles pierce through the meridian points to physically stimulate the acupoint to clear the energy blockage.

Similarly,  using biophoton emitting device, biophoton lights (of coherent harmonic frequency) is generated from the resonance chamber located at the tip of the device. The continuous supply of coherent biophotons stimulate the chakras. Biophoton lights deliver the energy across the meridian path way, gradually clearing any blockage or disturbance, and resulting in healing the entire energy pathway, and eventually brings health to the organs and whole body. 

Coherent Light Therapy Technology–  This delivers coherent biophoton lights of the right red- and infrared-frequencies that can effectively neutralize with the disturbance or non-coherent lights emitted from sick cells.  

Sacred Geometry Tachyon Technology - The heart of the technology lies in the reaction chamber that generates biophotons.  Here, the component in the reaction chamber is tachyonized and encoded with Light Mandalas under a powerful scalar field.
The coherent light from the reaction chamber is converted into life force energy, via a process called quantum resonance. In other words, sacred geometry tachyon technology help converts all subatomic particles into light frequencies that can interact at the cellular level.


Benefits of Biophoton Light Healing

Depending on the state of one’s health at the time of treatment, and treatment areas, Biophoton light therapy brings lasting benefits including :

1.     FOREHEAD – Prevent headache, improve sleep, ease mental stress / restlessness

2.     CHEST – Cleanse/detox respiratory system energy, helps regulate breathing rhythms, reduce negative emotions

3.     STOMACH – Improve digestion, improve stamina, stimulate liver healing, helps heal the ‘solar plexus’ chakra which in turn boost confidence and gain physical strength

4.     BACK OF SHOULDER – Reduce muscle stress, prevent frozen shoulder

5.     LOWER BACK – Reduce back pain, improve circulation around kidney, detoxification, improve sexual performance

6.     GENITAL AREA – Improve fatigue, reduce impotency, helps heal the root chakra which in turn increase self-esteem, increase physical strength

7.     ARM PIT – Balance sugar levels, improve digestion, stabilize heart palpitation, ease depression, reduce PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome) symptoms

8.     CROWN –Whole body balancing, hormone balancing, improve mental clarity

9.     FOOT -Reduce drowsiness, ease negative emotions, release hypertensions

The obvious reason for Lemuria Light to promote our Biophoton Light Acupuncture device is that this therapy is safe, non-invasive and easy to do !

The Biophoton Light Acupuncture device is also safe to use when one is undergoing other therapy, such as TCM Acupuncture or Prana Healing - it just help speed up the healing process.

With Aura scans BEFORE versus AFTER applying Biophoton Light Acupuncture,

General Findings after 2 weeks of Biophoton treatment 

  • Reduce shoulder & neck muscle stress especially among workaholics
  • Reduce back pain
  • Improve fatigue, increase physical strength
  • Reduced headaches, ease mental stress / restlessness
  • Improve Balance sugar levels, improve digestion,
  • Improve breathing rhythms, reduce negative emotions

Biophoton Light Acupuncture is an amazing technology  generating a harmonic resonance field for healing and wellness.  Total wellness is now available at the lowest cost possible.

Lemuria Light offers a 2 weeks money back guarantee. We ensure our products are real value add to you !