Tachyon Pyramid Oscillator


Tachyon Sacred Geometry Quartz Oscillators Tachyon sacred geometry quartz oscillators create a tiny amonut of piezoelectrical charge that creates a harmonic resonance through our physical bodies and our energy fields. By holding the Tachyon Oscillator in your hands you apply a mechanical force to the crystal that begins to emit piezoelectrical charge. As Tachyon Oscillators were subjected to tachionization process they also act as Tachyon stargates and coupled with piezoelectrical effect this creates a very high and harmonious vibrational frequency that assists in our Ascension process. The shape of the sacred geometry crystal determines the shape of the positive etheric Tachyon scalar field and thus the general effect on our consciousness:

Pyramid Oscillator: connects us with our higher self, brings inspiration

Metaphysic Properties

Read what are the benefit Tachyon Particles brings to the body: [Here]
Pyramid Oscillator ground and store higher dimensional energy into structured energy that can be transmuted into creative energy for our mental and emotional wellbeing. It improves memory. Some say it bring luck and increase intuition. It's one of the essential oscillator suitable for all population. 

Auric Light: White
Chakra: All
Power Level: Depend on the incoming astral, etheric or celestial energy
Connection: Bridge between Celestial to Physical
Alignment: None
Consciousness: N/A
Energetic properties: Clear, Increase intuition, develop a higher mind, increase the depth of life experience, increase memory, energy Converter
It's self-regeneration or self-cleansing nature because of the tachyonisation (implosion)

Best Serve for People:
Meditator, Lightworkers, Achievers who seek to breakthrough, Athletes, Buisness Person. It's an oscillator which bridges between our etheric body and Physical one. 

  • All people

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