How To Use

Light acupuncture is when light healing frequencies interact with body meridian points and aura fields, and that triggers the quick recovery of nerves and cells. Healing frequencies can help the energy body to release stress and energy blockages. 

There are 5 major Acupoints, where the most meridians cross, in the body. They  form the central energy highway connecting to the major organs and the meridian system of the body. 

Lemuria Biophoton Acupuncture (BA) pen emits ‘healing-frequency’ biophotons, which when directed at the 5 major Acupoints of the body, effectively supply biophotons at ‘healing-frequency’ to rejuvenate the corresponding parts of the body.  



10 Minutes Major Acupoint Healing

  1. Turn ON the Lemuria Biophoton Acupuncture (BA) pen.  
  2. For those of you who use electronic devices like computers and mobile phones for long hours daily, allocate  1 extra minute to directing the BA pen over the hands (to cleanse away electromagnetic waves)
  3. Each day, select ONE ‘stress’ or ‘problematic’ area that needs healing.
    • Identify the corresponding major and minor acupoints (refer diagram).
    • Breathe deep and slowly all the time and relax the body.

    Apply the BA pen  to  the identified major acupoint for 10 minutes ;  keep the pen at an optimal distance of  8 inches from the body. 

    Where pain is involved, gently rub/massage the pain area as you apply the BA pen onto it.  

    1. To finish, apply the BA pen over the surrounding Minor Acupoints (refer diagram) ; each for a slow count of 12.
    2. Turn OFF the device.


    Few rules you must know

    1. Recommended time to use BA pen is 15 minutes a day
    2. DO NOT use the BA pen while driving.