Altar(Ashtar) Set/Canvas


Ashtar Grid is an energy grid that can ground spiritual light to the physical dimension. This is probably the easiest way to improve the energy around your living space. By setting up an Ashtar Grid, you indirectly reduce the risk of the very negative event manifesting around your surrounding.

If you are looking for the easiest way to secure your home energetically is to have one of these…

Ashtar Grid.

Ashtar grid comprises the sacred stone Cintamani and a Light Mandala laser print. This energy grid will create a vortex to spiral in Etheric energy to the physical dimension, so a sensitive person can feel it.

Plants and animals around the Ashtar grid react more harmoniously. This will also slightly improve people's relationships because of its ability to harmonize the surrounding.

In China, It would cost at least 20000 Yuen, excluding air tickets to fly our team to the site, to set up a grid in their home or company. But, since 2019, we have started to set up Ashtar Grid remotely. This allows the price to be able to become affordable to all homes.

How does this work?

After activation, the Tachyonized Cintamani on Ashtar Grid begins to spiral in spiritual light. This will create what we call a vortex of light, that keeps generating prana particles, or the life force particle, into space.

Prana particles naturally exist inside the forest. Or around the waterfall.


In the city, the prana particle is limited. This is why many homes feel dry, or uncomfortably uninspiring. The Tachyon component inside the grid will generate constant soothing energy to make even the air feels lighter!

Almost many people feel improvement after weeks of energy grounding. But take note, with some exception of some heavy EMF environments, it takes a bit longer to harmonize it. So if you live in a place with poor air condition, poor hygiene and the rat roaming around at night, it takes longer time to harmonize the environment. During this time, it’s important that you protect the grid from touching and nudging.

Altar Grid Canvas 4 sizes: S, M, L, XL

Package 1: 6*Cintamani Stones(2-3 Grams) + 1*Pyramid Oscillator + Altar Grid Canvas

Package 2: 3*Cintamani Stones(2-3 Grams) + 3*Amethysts + 1*Pyramid Oscillator + Altar Grid Canvas

Package 3: 6*Cintamani Stones(1-2 Grams) + 1*Pyramid Oscillator + Altar Grid Canvas